My desire is that you’ll learn something from what I post here. That your faith will be strengthed. Your brain will be filled. Your desire to go quality work will be improved and you’ll find something of interest.

My Work Life

My day job is a software development team lead. I lead a team of 10 that’s a mix of developers, analysts, and designers. My focus is on web-based applications. I have a strong bent toward Microsoft technologies. That’s just what I learned first. I have a design degree from Auburn University. I cut my development teeth working at a business-to-business marketing firm in Birmingham, Alabama. I made things work, but the code wasn’t always pretty. My current focus is on writing APIs consumed by other web-applications using C#, SQL, and JavaScript. I dabble some with Go. I’ve done a fair bit with Ruby in the past, but haven’t used it for anything recent.

My Family Life

Family: I’ve got one wonderful wife and four amazing kids. I have a dog and a cat, too, but they aren’t really family.

My Church Life

I work with the kids’ ministry at my local church. But my focus is on helping families teach their kids. The church can assist, but if the parents aren’t educating, praying with, and discipling the kids at home, the church won’t be able to help much. Scripture is clear that the responsibility for teaching and training kids lies with the parents.

My Real Life

I strive to do things that will bring the Creator glory and honor. I don’t always succeed. I have my struggles. His grace is amazing. I’m thankful for a God who loved me enough to come find me. He left Heaven to be born to a humble beginning. He live a sinless life, gave Himself up completely to redeem a creation that had wronged Him.


I read. Usually I read less than I want to. I am easily distracted and often find myself sucked into the world of passive entertainment instead of active learning. However, I try to improve.

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