My Family Catachism

What is a Catachism?

A catachism is a learning tool. It is typically in the form of questions and answers. Memorization is the initial goal. Understanding follows.

Where did this Catachism come from?

The questions that follow are loosly based on the Westmister Shorter Catachism. The questions ans answers are altered to fit my understanding and belief about what Scripture says of God and His relationship to man. Scripture is provided for each asnswer and, when appropriate, additional information or discussion.

I believe that it is important to have an accurate understanding of how the Creator introduces Himself to, provides for, and engages with His creation. More imporant that this understanding is an intimate relationship between Creator and creation. While our intellect can and should be brought in line with who God is, it is of utmost importance that a relationship exist.

The Catachism Questions and Answers

Below are the specific questions and answers we are currently working through. My kids are ages 8-15. We discuss these questions and answers as part of our daily family worship time.

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