1339 Quite Interesting Facts to Make Your Jaw Drop

Sometimes I can’t sleep. This is the kind of book I turn to. It is an almost random collection of crazy facts. They organize them so that it almos flows as prose.

Some of my favorite facts

That makes this a place I would enjoy. I hate time. The idea of having to be somewhere at a specific time and leave at another. I understand the need for it I guess, but I like the idea of working on something when it needs working on and being done when it is complete more than being forced to do something for a set amount of time.

I didn’t verify this one, even though in the back of the book there is a good collection of references. But my intuition tells me they are probably right.

I’m afraid a lot of the sentences that come out of my mouth would have to end with this mark.

I really don’t think this evolved, but I won’t discuss that here. It does however amaze me how much faith it takes to believe in the chance of macro evolution.

That explains why I find the game really boring.

Commentary saved for later.

I’ve never been to Nebraska. I guess it is fairly windy there.