Rob Sutherland’s Musings on Life, Code, and Anything Else

I Write Flawed Code

I've been writing code for almost 25 years. I don't think I've written any perfect code, but I've tried many times. I'm working on documenting my lessons learned. I'm writing this more for myself than anyone else. I want to remember what I've learned. I hope that others can get something out of what I've written.


I use these languages on a very regular basis.

I know something about these languages but don't use them regularly. I'm learning, exploring, or waiting on a reason to use them more.

Software, Tools, and Technology

Software, tools, and technology I use regularly.

Software, tools, and technology I know but use infrequently.

Things I Find Interesting and May Use Later


I keep an active reading and learning from other developers. Below is a list of sites and YouTube channels that I subscribe to or visit frequently.