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Readwise - Daily Reminders

I've been using Readwise since mid 2021 to store and remind me of various quotes and passages that I come accross in my reading. I decided to start sharing some of those quotes and passages here. A few times a week I'll share one of the reminders, where it's from and a brief "what it means to me" statement.

On Learning and Progress

13 April, 2022

"Contrary to our gut reaction, feeling lost or confused is not a bad sign for a student. It is actually a sing that our understanding is being challenged and that learning is about to take place."

When We Best Learn the Bible, Desiring God

It is easy to feel stuck. Keep moving forward. Sometimes the reward is a bit past the most painful part.

14 April, 2022

I realized that the feeling of making progress is just as important as making actual progress.

John Resig - Write Code Every Day

Daily habits, patterns, and rituals help keep you moving forward and feeling like you are making progress. Consider your feeling and let your disciple keep you moving forward when the feelings want to keep you where you are.